Save Middlewick Ranges

Middlewick Ranges is home to:

A premiere British Nightingale population, top two in the country, with at least 59 singing males.

…and plethora of other wildlife, a biodiversity hotspot and treasured community space where you can still enjoy the song of Skylark and Nightingale a stone’s throw from Colchester City centre.

Despite all this, Middlewick Ranges Local Wildlife site is threatened by the allocation of 1000 houses allocated under the Colchester City Council Local Plan. Informed by bad science, a bias in favour of development and ignoring an army of independent experts. They say Middlewick Ranges is ‘irreplaceable’ – and that the proposed impacts are ‘unmitigatable and catastrophic’.

Middlewick Must be Saved!

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Middlewick Ranges has been called a ‘wildlife haven’ by Channel 4 News, a ‘beauty spot’ by the Gazette, an ‘ecological marvel’ by the Guardian and a ‘jewel in Colchester’s ecological crown’ by the BBC.

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Notable/Protected Species and Habitats


Rare acid grassland (m2)


Nightingales (singing males)


Breeding bird species


Invertebrate species


Invertebrates with conservation status


Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)

Middlewick on TV

Back in 2020, Channel 4 News found out about our Fight and wanted to feature us on their program.

The speakers on the program are Annie Gordon (Essex Wildlife Trust), and Dr Chris Gibson local Ecologist and formerly of Natural England.

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Tours of Middlewick

Colchester residents and campaigners led by Colchester Natural History Society, on a tour of the threatened areas of Middlewick Ranges

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Houses proposed on Middlewick


Number of new cars (at least)


Number of new cats (bird predation)

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