Who We Are

Our Aim

Our main aim is to prevent the destruction of an area of land which is both ancient, diverse in wildlife and an ever diminishing type of habitat, the years have seen this type of habitat decline to about 25% of the acidic grassland which once existed. We want to prevent the destruction of the diverse wildlife that would be scooped up by machines and buried in and instant with no chance to escape. The little things that cannot defend or speak for themselves.

Objections & Concerns

Our main objection is the impact on wildlife, the government initiated the UK Biodiversity Action Plan to conserve habitats and species, this same government is now trying to force the sale of Middlewick for development and this will lead to the destruction of a type of habitat that is in itself endangered along with the destruction of numerous protected and endangered species. We cannot allow our natural world to vanish without a trace.

The next objection is about the infrastructure, the local roads cannot bear any further traffic that will come with any development, doctors surgeries cannot cope now, schools in the area would not have enough places. Drainage is another issue as any development cannot be allowed to discharge surface water into the nearby Birch Brook along with invisible pollutents.

Another concern is the burial of cattle on the site, these cattle were infected with foot and mouth disease, this has been met with denial by Deffra and others but hundreds of witnesses say different, along with press and television archives.

This site has been an important recreational area for decades, if not centuries, Dog walkers,Wildlife enthusiasts, Picnics, or just to chill out in the sun.

Needless to say we just plain do not want this development at all, at any price, the people should be, and indeed, have a right to be heard.

Stepping forward

We are volunteers

Our Constitution

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