Respond to the inspector’s modifications



We are urging members of the public and nature organizations across the UK to respond to the Colchester Borough Council Local Plan adoption of Section 2: Middlewick Ranges.


Campaigners, planning and ecology experts believe that the Middlewick Ranges should NEVER have been included in the local plan, we are now at the planning modifications stage where the plans have been approved subject to modifications, we now have the opportunity to respond to these modifications.


Why continue to fight?

It’s not over yet!


Essex Wildlife Trust, Colchester Natural History Society, Essex Field club plus multiple independent and credible ecologists have all recognised the importance of this site and validate our view that the plans for development are ‘unsound’. As Colchester residents and the wider public, we need to pull together  collectively to support these expert opinions.


Middlewick’s unique, rare and precious habitats supporting rare species of plant and animals will not be able to re-created.  The site is one of the last significant remaining pieces of acid grassland, having almost disappeared from England, as well as being protected & a top priority habitat for wildlife conservation nationally.


We owe it to future generations to save this site.


This document has been designed as a guide to help anyone to submit a response to the council to help to prevent the Middlewick Ranges from being included in the Colchester Local Plan.

The important thing is that the loss of this habitat will not just affect local residents in the area, it will have a knock-on effect in terms of traffic, air quality and CO2 levels on a national and global scale.

If you find any of the information in this guidance overwhelming, please contact us by email: or through our Facebook page.



Please do take a look at the poster we have created, it will be displayed in various locations in Colchester, if you know somewhere that could help raise awareness of this campaign please do print a poster to display somewhere.

We thank you for your support.