Colchester Hospital is under pressure

Colchester general hospital is the main hospital for Colchester and surrounding areas. Wait times for treatments are at an all-time high and development will only impact this problem (Maguire, D. 2020).

The hospital has been subject to a vast increase in patients due to a large amount of development already undertaken. Colchester council states that in 2019 the population was estimated at 194,706 – a huge increase of approximately 1.1% of patients for the hospital from the year before. In addition, further 1,165 homes were built in a 14 month period (Colchester Borough Council. 2020)

These statistics do not take into account the large number of patients that the hospital treats from surrounding areas, along with the 194,706 individuals in Colchester presently. The hospital has 763 beds for inpatients and currently runs various clinics – from maternity to oncology clinics. All departments have a huge amount of patients on their caseloads, meaning extreme pressure for the hospital to provide safe and adequate care. This is true of most areas of the UK and can be attributed partly to the number of people living in one particular area (Phaup, H. 2018).

The developments proposed to take place in the middlewick will impact the problem faced by the hospital. Incurring a further increase of individuals in the area, all of which likely to need out-patient care regularly and many requiring inpatient care at least once in their lifetime.

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