A Rant by Nick Chilvers

MiddleWick has been included in the emerging Local Plan and soon to go forward for examination by planning Inspectors.

If passed, the result will be to concrete over a lovely open space on the south-east of Colchester. It will cause the destruction of wildlife habitat and, with no jobs nearby, add lots more traffic from 1000 new homes onto our over-burdened roads. That’s the plan.

To me, it sounds like a plan Baldrick would have thought up.

We’ve been told by the council that they didn’t have a choice and we should think ourselves lucky because it could have been 2000 houses. Apart from individual councillors asking the MOD to take it off the table, I can’t help thinking that HQ didn’t put up much of a fight.

The evidence base supplied is full of platitudes, wishful thinking, biased and incomplete reports.

One might wonder if some on the council are privately glad they have this because it helps them meet their quota without disturbing anywhere else.

Am I alone in thinking that our quarter of Colchester has been left behind? From where we live, you have to travel to access pretty well most things.

We have the densely populated area of New Town nearby and development by stealth on every bit of space from along Magdalen St, Hythe, Paxmans, a huge amount at Berechurch Hall and more growth at Mersea.

What services, infrastructure and facilities have followed for us? Answer-Zero.

Then we have some bright spark at county hall suggesting we should leave our cars at home for two days a week to ease the congestion caused by their own over-development.

What a bloody cheek!

Just imagine the responses to that on the doorstep from the young homeowners who are trying to hold down a job somewhere on the other side of town and keep a roof over the family.

Our bit of green space is to be sacrificed whereas other residents of Colchester can enjoy either Gosbecks, Westlands Country Park, Hilly Fields, the massive Mile End Recreation ground, High Woods and Salary Brook for a stroll around.

Don’t be fooled by the MOD vision. Once sold to developers, you can bet that picture will change.

They’ll get outline permission and then come back with “We can’t make it viable on 1000. Need to intensify to 2000”. The council will cave in and you can guess what the outcome will be.

Those who are entitled under the rules, hopefully, will step up again and underline their objections when the examination hearing takes place. They will be notified how and when.

Otherwise, our nearest open space will be the cemetery. Not much good that for our mental health!

Save the Wick.

(These views are the writer’s. You may or not agree)

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